Branding & Promotion

Designing – Strategic Brand/Corporate Identity

Designing is the key to attract attention. Research reveals that it takes only 8 seconds to capture attention of prospects before something else could catch their eyes and just take away their attention from your own brand. When online, we are exposed to hundreds of distractions and visual stories trying to communicate their brand message. However, only the informative and attractive design grabs instant attention.

At 121 eSolutions, we create splendid designs, which can communicate the brand value and message while also capturing target customers’ attention.

  • Our expertise :
  • Logo designing
  • Infographics designing
  • Company brochure designing
  • Company stationary designing
  • Advertising materials

Content Writing

Content is the king for any web business. We are really serious about how your content goes online and what kind of content is to be presented. For any brand, in order to leave your mark in the minds of prospects, you have to focus on quality web presence. And, it is only possible with high quality and informative content.

We work with a professional team of content writing experts, producing really informative and engaging content for different media. We also possess the expertise require in the field of writing content for various purposes like:

  • Article submissions
  • Blogs
  • Website content
  • Web pages
  • Product catalogues
  • Company brochures
  • Product user manuals

Corporate Videos

Videos are the ultimate ways to present your brand before audience and entice them emotionally and visually. Anything that is visually appealing obviously becomes memorable. We are here to assist potential customers with really entertaining characters who can deliver your brand stories in the most engaging way.

Video Brochures

Another interactive and engaging way to represent your brand is through video brochures. It offers interactive pages to drive really powerful information and solutions, and may even help in generating leads. It is the most effective video marketing solution today for any brand that aims to communicate with the audience effectively.

Video brochures are basically a fusion of audio as well as video, and some interactive components. There are printed papers too. It is as good as having brochures with a perfect video screen. In fact, video brochures have gained tremendous popularity as a tool used for video marketing purposes and special promotions, loyalty campaigns, and branding.

121 eSolutions aims to provide all the possible options to ensure your audience is impressed with the brand, feels engaged, and gradually influenced. We try to make the most innovative fusions possible.

Email, SMS & WhatsApp Marketing

Message broadcasting is, indeed, one of the best methods of direct marketing. Of course, there are plenty of new and improved technologies today, which can help deliver marketing messages across to a much wider base of clients. At 121 eSolutions, we have compiled a large database of over thousands of customers and we use SMS, email and WhatsApp for marketing and promotion. We can send promotional video, audio, text and images to customers.