In the virtual world where several brands as jostling simply to create their own space in the minds of consumers, search engine marketing becomes the fuel for ecommerce sites. It is a tool that allows websites to attract traffic for specific business query. When consumers are hunting for some information, they should be able to get it directly or indirectly.

Offering targeted solutions, we aim to provide consumers what they are looking for with our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies. Our SEM tools can streamline search to offer relevant content and information almost instantly. As a result, consumers can get targeted results, which would generate business leads for your company. In order to cater to a global customer base we have some customized solutions and useful SEM tools.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) aims to bring qualified leads to your business. According to studies, SEO leads to better ROI than any conventional marketing strategy like print or television ads.

At 121eSolutions, we are committed to improve your business and increase ROI with our organic SEO strategies. Our experts understand that in order to reach out to local consumers, it is very important to have an attractive online presence. As a result, we have tailored strategies that can boost your business with:

  • Website
  • Mobile-site
  • Boost App and Management Portal (Website can be updated through PC and mobile)
  • Location-based and auto SEO
  • Unlimited updates/space/gallery images
  • Link to pre-existing website
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Email subscribers
  • Unlimited product catalogue
  • Additional pages

PPC Management

With years of experience, 121 eSolutions is now known as the premier Pay Per Click Management Company. We have a dedicated pool of professionals working extensively to offer dedicated solutions. Through constant monitoring and testing, and the use of targeted keywords, we ensure our customers get higher ROI with the help of our PPC campaigns. Regardless of budget or goals, we help you to manage your campaign and make profit.

Our expert team can assist you at every step of decision making and help you to achieve your PPC goals. We also develop dedicated strategies for customers depending on their needs, which can help them to earn handsome returns. For best results, we also monitor competitor strategy.


Remarketing is one of the best ways to connect with guests visiting your website but not your immediate customers. They may visit and enquire. With our remarketing policies, we can position targeted ads right in front of your audience that visited your website in the past, while they browse other websites online.

Remarketing ads may be delivered in the form of image or text or both. These ads are posted on websites or web pages visited by a targeted audience base.

121 eSolutionsRemarketing Services are tailored to reach out to a larger customer base that have visited the website in the past but did not purchase anything. With the help of Google remarketing advertising medium, any business can approach their client on various websites while browsing through the web, thus providing them with relevant promotional offers, which ultimately leads to sales.