Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the best possible tools that can target your market segment and engage audiences with the brand. It is a profitable strategy for both online as well as offline stores. However, you should have a well-planned social media marketing strategy to promote your brand in such a way so that your business generates market leading consumer engagement. It is one way of creating better brand awareness, encouraging consistent flow of traffic, assisting fresh sales and creating a source of direct flow of revenue for your offline store or website.

The success of social media lies in identifying the likes and interests shared by communities across social forums. Our experienced team works with clients to develop a powerful social media marketing strategy, following the business objectives they have coined. Whether it is about building a new community for your brand or engaging your community with better concept, or capturing data and utilizing social forums for stiff competitions, we are ever ready to help you find new opportunities and build a really impressive brand presence online.

When social media is concerned, there’s a difference between reacting to your friends and clients. Depending on the environment, your behavior varies. Across the social media, you have to follow this one golden rule as every platform is likely to be different from the other. It is a misnomer that all social media platforms are meant for messaging, liking and tagging one another. At 121 eSolutions, we can help you to understand how to share your brand story with everyone across different platforms using quality content and visuals to make your post viral.


By far, Facebook is one of the most frequently used friendly social networks offering a casual environment. To promote your business in Facebook, you need to be active in social media and prepare your marketing strategy. Start off with a Facebook Business Fan Page and pay attention to the layout and visual components of the page. A conversational tone with proper use of infographics and prompt response can help your business grow through Facebook.


Twitter, though restricted to 140 characters, is a great way to broadcast your business updates online. Follow tweets and tweeters related to your industry, and develop a steady community of followers. Over time, your business can get a lot of attention via Twitter.


One of the rivals of Facebook, Google+ offers a fun and casual environment to promote your brand, upload and shares pictures, videos, and links, and also get and give likes. Google+ has a unique way of connecting with people through Circles, using which you can segment all your followers into smaller and defined groups, and share your information with the ones you want to. For instance, you can create a “fan” circle and give exclusive offers or special discounts only to that particular group.


Instagram is popular with the youth. It offers a platform to share your brand story through pictures and images only, almost like Pinterest. It is basically a visual social media based only on photos and videos. With a network of over 400 million active users posting about fashion, food, travel, fun and many similar subjects, Instagram is a faster way of communicating your thoughts. There are unique filters to edit your photos and videos too. Unlike others, this platform is really mobile.


LinkedIn is more of a professional social media with different groups. Connections mainly happen at a professional level with likeminded people from the same industry. LinkedIn offers the perfect venue to engage in professional conversation with people and make a place for your brand in the industry.


Pinterest is also an image-centric platform, perfect for retail. However, any brand or business can benefit from this platform for social media marketing.