IT Service & Solutions

Website Design & Development

Having a business website becomes a default visiting card for your brand. It speaks volumes about the business and serves much greater purpose as the online face of your business. It can not only boost sales, but it also simplifies the process of your business getting discovered quickly across search engines and prompt response to queries.

If you want to run a website for your brand, we believe it should be able to offer quick look at everything you want to showcase. Offering a personalized experience to users can be the reason for your growth.

E-commerce Website

It’s not just enough to build an attractive website; your website should also sell. 121 eSolution takes the pledge to create a wonderful and high quality website that generates profit. We take inputs from our clients to understand their thoughts, ideas, and passion for their brand/business. We follow a data-driven approach for e-commerce and mobile website designing and also offer our guidance and advice to assist our clients to create perfect online stores.

Starting from the home page to the final order confirmation page, we ensure your designs can achieve the best result possible.We also take into account the competitors in this field and offer promotional campaigns at par with the rivals. We focus on Search Engine Optimization for each and every website so as to maximize visits and conversions. Additionally, we offer platform integration with recognized shipping, payment and marketing solutions in order to create an engaging customer experience and encourage instant purchase. Our team of online marketing experts is always available to assist you with conversion rate optimization.

Mobile App Development

We also develop mobile apps focused on high performance, user experience, and scalability. We develop mobile apps for Android OS and iOS.

We offer an extensive experience in designing and developing mobile apps with a really large user base. We ensure high performance and user experience too. We also ensure 100% leverage of the cloud to make apps reliable and scalable at the same time.

So, if you are looking for an app to host your business across mobile platforms, we can offer you our excellent team of professionals to make your dreams come true. We offer to be your technology partner.


We take charge to ensure that your actions can close deals. We provide sales management tools designed to assist smaller sales team to manage the most intricate as well as long sales processes.

As customers engage across social media, email, or in person, you can do the same. We help you to bring your conversation into a single platform, which ensures that you can make the most out of those interactions within seconds.

Our strategies can help you to close deals much faster without wasting time in filling records. We can guide you to identify, optimize, and track your sales contacts and open up new opportunities. With 121 eSolution, you can easily manage entire sales pipeline with the help of our simple yet highly visual tools.